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Hotels in Biggleswade

Biggleswade is a small town with a population of slightly above 16,000. As a result, it doesn’t have as many hotels as larger cities. But there are many nearby which can suit just about every taste and budget. Listed below are only a few of many places to stay in Biggleswade and nearby:

Stratton House Hotel, Biggleswade.

This privately owned family run hotel is very similar to the town of Biggleswade – packed with lots of history and character. The hotel building was built in the 19th century which was enlarged in the 1980s. Online reservations are possible at the Hotel’s official website.

Stratton Guest House, Biggleswade.

Located in the very centre of Biggleswade, Stratton Guest House is another great choice if you would like to stay in Biggleswade and aren’t looking for anything fancy, only a comfortable and clean place. All of seven en-suite rooms have recently been renovated, while the Guest House’s proximity to bus and train station also makes it ideal if you need to go to London that can be reached in about 35 minutes by train.

Champneys Henlow, Shefford (about 3.7 miles from Biggleswade Centre)

If you’re looking for luxury accommodation, Champneys Henlow is the right place. Besides offering all the comfort you could possibly ask for, the resort also offers over 80 different luxury treatments, enabling you to truly relax and refresh your mind and body. Champneys Henlow isn’t exactly cheap but luxury never is.

The Tudor Oaks Lodge, Astwick (about 4.3 miles from Biggleswade Centre)

Another charming place to stay near Biggleswade with a flair of history and of course, modern en-suite facilities also houses two restaurants serving lunch and dinner, while its Timbers Club which features art deco banana benches with the capacity for 250 people is a popular venue for weddings, conferences and private parties. The prices of both accommodation and rental of wedding/conference facilities are somewhere in the middle range.

Beadlow Manor Hotel, Shefford (about 4,2 miles from Biggleswade Centre)

If you’re looking for more than just a place to sleep and by any chance enjoy playing golf, you won’t regret choosing Beadlow Manor Hotel. Besides housing a hotel, the Beadlow Manor also houses golf club, while two 18 hole golf courses on 300 acres enable you to enjoy golfing on one of the finest golf courses in the area.